Elite Reiki Certification System

How long are you going to talk about wanting to learn Reiki? Are you curious about channeling positive energy to enhance your well-being? Ready to explore the transformative world of Reiki? With Elite Reiki Mastery Certification, unlock the full spectrum of your healing abilities. Attain Attunement levels ranging from 20% to 100% across three levels, fostering self-healing in the realms of the physical, emotional, and spiritual.

Certification Levels:

  • Level 1 - Self-Realization: 45-day odyssey, 20% Attunement, one-on-one training, and Elite Reiki Healing Practitioner Level 1 Certificate.
  • Level 2 - Self-Confidence: 45-day plan, 80% Attunement, distance Reiki techniques, and Elite Reiki Healing Practitioner Level 2 Certificate.
  • Master Level - Self-Actualization: 45-day symphony, 100% Attunement, Shining Wheel Ceremony, and Elite Reiki Healing Practitioner Master Level Certificate.
  • Master Level 2 - Self-Awareness: Practical instruction, teaching outlines, and mastery in attunement processes.
  • Business Reiki Healing - Master in-person sessions, social media marketing training, and tools for self-realization.

Bonus: Shining Wheel Sacred Ceremony - a full day in-person session, ceremony techniques, and breakfast/lunch. Participate in a customized ceremony, activating your spiritual gifts and learning to guide others.

Pricing and Payment: Flexible plans for individual sessions and packages.

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